OMG FIREWORKS yet again!

You poor wee pussies, doggies, horses, sheep, goats, birds, pets of all types, we feel sorry for you!!

The friggin season of mindless banging, wizzing, shooting, screaming & fizzing is upon us again…. nearly.

What is up with people wanting to do this? Is it a lust we have from the past? Are our lives so boring that we need to make huge noise

with light & thunder to make ourselves feel like GODS!?

Shame on you people for not thinking of others, especially our beloved pets, who have no control over the situation.

If you have enough money to spend on blowing up stuff, why not put $10.00 to the S.P.C.A to assist an animal already stressed by not being loved.

Dare I say again Guy Fawkes has NO relevance in New Zealand, you are just lining the pockets of the greedy bastards who import this stuff in the first place. You know the REAL pyrotechnics are not what you buy.

Go to see a FULL display and you will soon see what I am talking about!


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