Hello pets, goodbye private fireworks!

Humans & pets, I am on the rampage AGAIN, this shit must stop! I am not looking forward to calming our pets yet again this year. I am not against fireworks per-say, but not in our own backyards, it is ludicrous to think that EVERYBODY likes it in their neighbourhoods! After earthquakes in Christchurch, New Zealand I would suspect most local peoples nerves are doubly sensitive to loud noises & shocks, I know our family is. Please think about others before your 5 minutes of hollow fun. I am sure you wouldn’t mind spending the money you blew on buying the wizzbangs on fuel to get to an organised & much bigger, professional display, this year or next year. As I have also said before what a bullshit hangover from so called mother England this is anyway, Guy Fawkes didn’t try to blow our parliament (although I think that may not be such a bad idea, another subject for another blog!) If you have more than half a brain PLEASE consider my proposals!!!!!!!!


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