Watchout animals!

OMG! here we are again, 2 days to bullshit! please keep your pets inside and make them feel safe. Good to see Auckland City Council ban outdoor fireworks in public areas (hopefully it is policed well?) Start of the turning tide I think. I will lobby local council to do the same if not more. As we all know the impetus is profit for all those that sell the f’n things for a start! Fat chance of nipping that inn the bud but we can try. Do your best to forget this crazy tradition (along with Halloween, by the way) & don’t buy the shit in the first place.

If you have young humans in your care i.e children DO NOT show them this is a good thing please. My comment, your choice, think before you act! Babies & humans under age of 2 are scared by the boom boom bang bang (proven) see this please.

Finally if  you do this shit PLEASE be safe and enjoy sensibly…go to a public display, I don’t care how much  you payed (idiots) the display will always be better. $150-$200 for a large box of whizz boom bang versus $10-$20 to get to a display, duh, no brainer!!!


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